Important Points to Remember when considering a Building/Renovation Project in Brisbane:

  • Check that your builder is a licenced Queensland Builder

    (Use the QLD Government’s online search tool)

  • Ensure you include in your budget the costs associated with;

    • Drawing plans
    • All council costs – including Building Certification, Relaxation*, Plumbing Inspection* & Engineering, energy efficiency report – *if required
    • Surveyors cost – Block, Boundary or Height Survey
    • Excavation Work and/or Removal of Soil or old Concrete
    • QBCC Insurance
    • Termite treatment if required
  • Check that your quote includes a “bill of quantities” this should specify all materials and their specific types being used for the project

  • Check your existing home building insurance policy covers your home whilst renovating

  • Check to see if there is a period of time that the house may be inhabitable, where will you be living, how long for and what will be the cost be?